ISA (Summary Reliability Indices) – What are they?

With the establishment of the “Indici sintetici di affidabilità” – ISA’s or Summary Reliability Indices, the Italian Tax Agency aims to “facilitate the compliance of tax obligations and encourage the spontaneous emergence of taxable income.”

These indices form part of a wider initiative for Italian taxpayers carrying on business activities, arts or professions, that aims, through the use of effective forms of support (notices and communications of upcoming  tax deadlines) to increase cooperation between the taxpayer and tax administration.

The ISA’s are indicators that, measuring, through a statistical-economic method, data and information relating to more than one tax period, provide a summary of values through which it will be possible to verify the reliability and consistency of the taxpayer’s professional or business management.

Transparent verification of the correctness of tax “behaviour” will make it possible to identify taxpayers who, as they classed as “reliable”, will have access to tax compliance benefits.

The ISA’s replace the former “Sector Studies”

You can find more information (in Italian) on this important change on the Tax Agency’s web site here.

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