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Welcome to Taxing.It. We set this website up as a platform to provide information and resources, in the English language, on Italian tax.  It is targeted at those living in, investing in, doing business in Italy, or thinking of doing so.

Over the years the Italian government and authorities have been working hard to consolidate and simplify the Italian tax system.

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However, like may tax systems in sophisticated modern States, the system is complex. This is a result of an organic growth of the rules, continued political intervention aimed at providing populist tax breaks and reliefs, targeting tax-avoidance and adapting to new forms of business (much of carried out electronically), the intervention of a judiciary who often have little tax training and a tax authority/collecting agency who are in part remunerated by results.

For foreign investors matters are further complicated by language and cultural barriers.  The Italian tax agency has started to publish directly in English. But it is very limited and obtaining clear and concise guidance on the Italian tax system is difficult.

The idea behind this site is to try and open up some of the perceived complexities of the Italian tax scene. We attempt to put the non-Italian speaker at least in the same position as the native speaker.

The website is the brainchild of UK/Italian attorney Colin Jamieson who has 25 years of cross border tax experience.  He has worked on a wide variety of Italian tax issues, from individual start ups to the acquisition by multi-national groups of companies  of some of Italy ‘s largest businesses.

Feel free to sign to up as  a client, leave feedback and ask questions on the technical articles.

Take a look at the free resources available and do not hesitate to get in touch, either via our Contact form, email/whatsapp or fix up a skype/zoom session.

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