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Over the years the Italian government and authorities have been working hard to consolidate and simplify the Italian tax system.

However, like may tax systems in sophisticated modern States, the system is complex. This is a result of an organic growth of the rules, continued political intervention aimed at providing populist tax breaks and reliefs, targeting tax-avoidance and adapting to new forms of business (much of carried out electronically), the intervention of a judiciary who often have little tax training and a tax authority/collecting agency who are in part remunerated by results.

For foreign investors matters are further complicated by language and cultural barriers.  The Italian tax agency has started to publish directly in English. But it is very limited and obtaining clear and concise guidance on the Italian tax system is difficult.

The idea behind this site is to try and open up some of the perceived complexities of the Italian tax scene. We attempt to put the non-Italian speaker at least in the same position as the native speaker.

Colin Jamieson

Colin works as an Avvocato in Milan where he is based and isColin a Solicitor of England and Wales.

He is also registered with the Italian Register of Auditors.

He principally deals with tax and legal issues for English speaking clients with investments in Italy or Italian clients investing abroad. Over the years he has built up a practice advising clients setting up in country for the first time, providing an all round co-ordinated service covering legal entity structuring and set up, employment law, business premises, banking, bookkeeping and tax compliance.

Colin specialises in providing rapid, clear and concise advice on Italian, UK and cross-border tax issues and representing clients at tax tribunals in Italy and the UK to protect their interests.

Colin is a keen drummer and lives in Assago, Milan with his family.

Specialties: Italian tax, UK tax, international tax, corporate taxation, indirect taxation, VAT, IVA, taxation of trusts, tax amnesty, tax structuring, inheritance tax, cross-border tax.

Practising Certificate (England and Wales)           Authorisation from British Embassy For Certification

Nicolò BollaNico'

Nicolò is an Chartered Certified Accountant currently practicing in Parma (Italy). He is a member of the ACCA.

His international studies in Italy, the UK and the USA allowed him to consolidate his special interest in international cross border business and tax issues.

Nicolò studied Business Administration and Accounting at the University of Parma and later obtained an MBA at Troy University in the U.S.

Throughout the years he has built up his advisory business for Italian and foreign businesses, as well as for individuals, helping them pursue their interests in full compliance with Italian tax legislation.

He helps businesses with their strategic decision processes, developing business and financial models to support their investment plans .

Nicolò was a successful hammer thrower at Troy University and he plays the upright bass.

Specialties: Italian tax, EU VAT, cross border tax, BEPS, tax compliance, managerial accounting, cost accounting, financial modelling and forecasting.


Ella Connolly                                         

Ella is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has lived in Italy since 2012. After completing her professional legal qualification in 2007 Ella worked for several years in London, UK as a legal assistant both in-house in various industry sectors and in private practice at a Law firm.

She assisted with legal opinions, drafting required documentation for various commercial projects (NDAs, sales and purchase agreements, distribution and agency agreements, novation agreements and MOUs), ensured compliance with European environmental regulations, handled company secretarial matters for UK PLCs and numerous private limited  companies, pro bono cases and carried out general legal research.

She also worked in the legal department of a financial services company in which she assisted with the preparation of fund platform distribution agreements, fund management agreements, hedge fund and securities’ custody agreements.

Ella has a degree in Law with Spanish from Queen’s University Belfast and is completing her training with Taxing.it to become a Solicitor of England and Wales. She also assists with Italian to English and vice-versa translations of legal and promotional materials.

In her spare time Ella is a keen classical pianist and amateur portrait painter.

Specialities: European employment law, cross-border social security, taxation of start-ups and small businesses.

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