Tax and Social Security Services for International Assignments and Local Hires

Tax and social security compliance support, and more.

We can provide a full range of services for non Italian businesses sending employees to Italy or hiring staff locally.

Exactly what is required will depend on the circumstances but we believe we can offer the full range of services comprising:

We can help with

  1. planning the arrangements in advance in the most efficient manner, estimating tax, pension, welfare and social security costs;
  2. advice on whether proposed operations will constitute a taxable presence in Italy (permanent establishment);
  3. advising on whether it is worth request a ruling from the Italian authorities in advance and handling any ruling request;
  4. arranging for introduction to third party pension/financial advice, where necessary (we do not offer financial planning advice);
  5. employee net salary  – gross cost for employer forecasts);
  6. managing registration requirements, (tax codes, registering as employer with social security, statutory accident and work insurance and introduction to suppliers of insurance coverage etc.)
  7. payroll administration;
  8. managing compliance with tax obligations both as an employer
    • calculation of withholding tax liabilities;
    • arranging payment of tax and social security and employer liabilities;
    • handling employer tax filings (withholding tax return);

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