The Double Whammy

What is the double whammy in Italian tax? The “double whammy” is what hits new businesses in the second year after start-up. No tax in your first year You pay no tax in your first year of operations but the tax due for that first […]

Tax Relief for a New Air Conditioner

As the summer heatwave starts to make itself felt, we turn to air conditioning systems. The price of air conditioning kit continues to fall but given that for, fixed systems, at least, professional help with installation is a must, the cost can be expensive. The […]

2019 Tax Update

Attached are the slides of our recent presentation to the International Association of Accountants  

Our most popular google search terms

Search Term Response Italy Tax Year Italian Tax Year The tax year in Italy ends on 31 December of each year.Companies, partnership and other bodies corporate can choose their own financial year end and direct tax filings will be set according to their chosen accounting […]

Tax credit for employment income

Italy has no personal relief nor (any longer) a no-tax zone.  This means that you start paying income (at 23% – see the marginal rates here) of the first euro of income.  However Italy has an intricate system of tax credits (described as “deduzioni” – […]

Living in Italy – Working Through a Foreign Company

Modern information technology permits people to work from a laptop or computer wherever they find themselves. If you are tax resident in Italy you are liable to tax on your world-wide income unless you are protected by a double tax treaty. These can operate to […]

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