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Do I need to file an Italian Tax Return?

The answer is most probably yes as the reader will desume from reading the instructions from the Italian tax return (these are from the 2023 return). The rules are complex and there are many exceptions and derogations.   The rules can be summarised as follows,

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Cassetto Fiscale

The Cassetto Fiscale – Fisco Online

What is it? The cassetto fiscale, literally “tax box”, is a service offered by the Italian Government that allows consultation of  a taxpayer’s tax information, such as personal data on the Tax agency database information data of tax declarations information on tax refunds tax payments

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The SPID – Italian digital identity

What is it? The Public Digital Identity System, or SPID (pronounced “speed”) which started life in March 2016, is an online identity system.  Through a single user name and password along with a one time password generated via a smart phone, individuals with an Italian

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The Italian Fiscal Code Number

The Fiscal Code Number (Codice Fiscale, Italian taxpayers’ identification number, TIN, tax code, call it what you like) is a unique taxpayer code that identifies all individuals in their dealings with the Italian authorities  […]

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