Our Anti-Money Laundering and Client Identification Rules

We need a copy of your passport and other identification so that we can comply with our client identification, anti money laundering, anti terrorist  and data protection obligations under Italian law and the rules of the Italian Bar (Consiglio Nazionale Forense)

The relevant Italian law is implemented pursuant to a series of EU directives.  This training manual in English provides a good practical summary of what we are required to do.

I cannot find any appropriate documentation in the English language of our Bar Association rules but you can use Google Translate to view the applicable rules of the Italian Bar Association.

We are required to adopt a risk based approach when taking on a new client. In order to simplify what is an extremely complex set of rules and procedures, we have arranged for the sign up via a web page and  set as a very minimum the requirement for clients to provide proof of identify  and proof of residential address.  This procedure also provides the minimum information we require in order to issue a tax invoice to our clients.  Depending on a series of factors, including the nature of the work that we will be doing, the type of transaction involved we may need to do further due diligence to satisfy our legal obligations before starting work.

As a law firm the client’s personal data is obviously of significant importance to us and we take every possible measure to ensure that any data and documents are kept confidential at all times.  On sign-up you will be directed to our data protection policy which sets out how we will handle that data.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with uploading documents to our web site please contact us and we can arrange for an alternative procedure. However it is the firm’s policy not to take on clients who are unwilling to supply copies of their ID and proof of residence at the outset.

For more information on our anti-money laundering policy please click here.

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