Tax Credit for a Dependent Child

The Italian legislator, keen to encourage population growth has made provision for  tax benefits relating to children.  The tax legislation makes reference to minor child: a child under the age of 18 years old dependent child: a person is considered a family dependent if they […]

Table of Main Registration Taxes in Italy

This is a (very) simplified table of the registration taxes due on certain documents.  The tax office will apply the tax according to the substance of the effect that the document has, not the form.  

Italian Social Security Rates (INPS Gestione Separata) 2020

The Italian national social security institute has issued an update to the rates, maximum and minimum thresholds,  instructions for the sharing of social security burden applicable to the self-employed for 2020 in circular no. 12 of 3 February. “Collaborators” (ie. those with and […]

Paypal Payment Page for Online Consultations

You can pay for a consultation by telephone, skype, whatsapp, telegram or zoom by clicking on the paypal button. Any problems please contact us. Once you have paid you will be taken to our client sign-up page where you can fill in your details and […]

Personal income tax (IRPEF) rates

2021 Rates of Italian Income Tax (annual amounts) Bracket of Income (annual amounts) Rate Tax on Band On the first € 15,000 23% € 3,450 Above  € 15,000 up to  € 28,000 27% € 6,960 Above  € 28,000 up to € 55,000 38% € 17,220 […]

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