The Double Whammy

What is the double whammy in Italian tax? The “double whammy” is what hits new businesses in the second year after start-up. No tax in your first year You pay no tax in your first year of operations but the tax due for that first […]

Tax Relief for a New Air Conditioner

As the summer heatwave starts to make itself felt, we turn to air conditioning systems. The price of air conditioning kit continues to fall but given that for, fixed systems, at least, professional help with installation is a must, the cost can be expensive. The […]

Flat tax regime – Tax Agency Resolution

A taxpayer who has worked for an employer in the two tax periods prior to the intended start of the flat tax regime (regime forfettario agevolato) cannot apply for the regime if he or she will be mainly working for the ex-employer once self-employed.  The […]

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