Ravvedimento Operoso – voluntary settlement of tax paid late.

The Ravvedimento Operoso Procedure derives from the Italian word which can be literally translated as “redemption” or “penitence”.   It is, however, in this context not a religious concept, but simply a procedure that allows taxpayers who have missed a deadline for payment to pay tax late with a smaller penalty compared to the rather stiff penalty that would normally apply.  How much you pay depends on how late you make the payment.   Interest also applies on late payments.  The system is a bit fiddly so you should check with your accountant or tax adviser to get an ad hoc calculation of the penalty for late payment, but the table below summarises the main principles.

Ravvedimento – reduced penalties for spontaneous late payment
After Deadline for payment Normal Penalty Reduced penalties Effective penalty

with ravvedimento

Within 14 days 15% 1/10 0.10 % for each day late
From 15 to 30 days 15% 1/10 1.5%
From 31 to 90 days 15% 1/9 1.67%
From the 91° day to deadline for filing tax return 30% 1/8 3.75%
Prior to filing date for successive tax return 30% 1/7 4.29%
Prior to filing date for successive tax return 30% 1/6 5%

Spreadsheet to calculate the late payment penalty (2018, in Italian, by Studio Ripa)