Translation, Interpretation and Certification Services

Translation Services

We work with a firm of translators, whose translators are members of the Chartered  Institute of Linguists and A.N.I.T.I.  Associazione Nazionale Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti – the Italian National Association of Translators  and Interpreters). Some of the Translators are accredited by the Court of Milan to provide official sworn translations at the Court.Image result for apostille

Certification Services

We therefore able to provide certified translations of all legal documents whether for use in the UK or in Italy. We can certify copies of legal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, university degrees and court orders.  We can provide authentication by the Court and any apostille required to legalise signatures.  We can also arrange for authentication of signatures by an Italian notary. For costs, please see here.

Technical translations

As dual qualified English and Italian attorneys we are able to provide top quality translations of legal, financial and tax documents.  If you are thinking of:

  • signing a contract in a language other than your mother tongue;
  • preparing financial statements or a prospectus in another language
  • relying on a legal or tax opinion in another language

you would be well advised to have a translation approved by working lawyers/accountants rather than a standard agency translation.


Participating in negotiations where the other side speak a different language can be high risk.  Our layers/accountants can act as “super interpreters”, not only assisting with the negotiations and preparing documents such as heads of agreement, but also ensuring that you understand what is going on in real time.