Impatriate Tax Relief Check up Payment Page

By clicking on the paypal logo you can choose between a number of options If you just want the check up this costs Euro 128.66. If you want us also to draft the letter to your employer, please fill out the form  here first. The […]

The Visura Catastale

The “visura catastale” (Land Registry Extract)  is a document issued by the Italian Tax Agency of the Italian Republic containing  information recorded at the Land Registry in relation to real estate – buildings or land – located in Italian national territory. The Visura varies depending […]

delete me 2019 Tax Update

Below you will find, the slides of our recent tax update in Cernobbio.  If you have any questions feel to drop us a message.    

Impatriate Tax Relief For Italy – Old Rules

The old rules (for new residents up to end 2018) These rules have been superseded – for the current regime click here Article 16 of Legislative Decree 147/2015 provides, as from 2017, a tax break for individual employees and self-employed workers, know as “impatriate workers” […]

Degrees of Kinship and Affinity Under Italian Law

The Italian Civil Code (Articles 74 ff) contain the criteria for determining the degree of kinship and affinity of your relatives.  This degree is a fundamental concept in Italian law and is an essential part of, among other things, the rules of inheritance and succession. […]

Setting up a Cultural Association in Italy

Creating a cultural association is an opportunity to carry out activities in various fields, such as cinema, entertainment, art, culture, civic and social education, environmental protection, establishment of courses, social issues of various kinds etc. Whilst it is possible just to create an association with […]

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