Hosting family members in Italy

Reporting foreign visitors If you are intending to host a non EU national, including a relative they are in general allowed to stay in Italy for less than 90 days in any 180 day period, subject to specific immigration formalities for certain countries, the individual […]

Table of Interest Rates – Income Tax

The rates of interest on overdue tax is a matter of some complexity. The Italian Parliament has, over the years, proposed simplification but the relevant draft legislation has not so far been enacted. Numerous different rates apply to different kinds of tax in different circumstances.  […]

List of Municipalities in Seismic Areas

The following is a list of municipalities in areas of Italy qualifying for special assistance as a result of seismic events. This list shows ALL Muncipalities. If you are looking for municipalities that qualify you for the 7% special regime, you need to look up […]

Working in Italy for a Foreign Company

Working as an employee full time in Italy If you are an employer outside Italy and thinking of hiring an employee in Italy, the legal, tax and social security ramifications can be complex. Liability of the employer to Italian social security If the employee is […]

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