Do I need to file an Italian Tax Return?

If your only source of income derives from employment (ie. you are hired on an definite or indefinite term contract) with an Italian registered business, you generally do not need to file an Italian tax return unless: 1) The amount of tax withheld by the […]

1 March Tax Deadline = Covid 19

The 16th March is a normal deadline for payment of taxes (mainly last month’s withholding tax and social security for employers and those on monthly VAT reporting). Some press releases have anticipated a deferral of the deadline by means of a Law Decree, which has […]

Payment For Certification of Documents and UK Apostille

To pay via Paypal for our certification service and organising the affixing of an apostille under the Hague Convention by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the United Kingdom, please click on the Buy Now Paypal button below

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