Tax Module – How to Confidently Buy Property in Italy

Launch Page Real Estate Taxing.It Guide to Buying Property in Italy Participant Questions I have read about a “new incentive for retired foreigners” which is a 7% flat tax on foreign income if you have lived outside Italy for the previous  years…., does that apply […]

Impatriate Tax Relief Check up Payment Page

70%90% relief for impatriates If you would like to know if you qualify for the impatriates 70% or 90% reduction in taxable income Click here. Free check-up! Please get in touch with us afterwards so that we can check the result and advise your further […]

White List Countries

The Italian government originally published a list in 1996  – known as the White List – concerning changes to the tax regime for interest, and other income on bonds and similar securities, public and private.  A reduced rate of tax was available to income deriving […]

Paypal Payment Page for Online Consultations

You can pay for a consultation by telephone, skype, whatsapp, telegram or zoom by clicking on the paypal button. Any problems please contact us. Once you have paid you will be taken to our client sign-up page where you can fill in your details and […]

Tax changes for paper and electronic meal vouchers

  The Italian 2020 Finance Law has made some changes to the tax rules applicable to “Ticket Restaurant” (luncheon vouchers or meal tickets). These vouchers are commonly used by Italian businesses to assist employees traditionally predominantly to cover the cost of the mid-day meal. In […]

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