Our Services

Advice and assistance with all aspects of Italian tax.

Real Estate

Little People

Support with Acquisitions – advice on structure (direct purchase/use of Italian/offshore company, trust)

Purchasing Real Estate through a pension fund/trust

Notary support services, power of attorney, translation and authentication

Escrow support services

Corporate Acquisitions and Investments in Italy

Assistance with optimising the tax impact of acquisitions  of Italian business/investment, estimating Italian tax liabilities and modelling after tax returns.

Corporate Tax check up – review of corporate tax affairs of Italian sub-group and compliance with Italian and international law.

Audit of Tax – review of current and deferred tax provisions, procedures for their calculation and certification of their reliability.

Transfer Pricing Documentation Preparation and Review – certification of compliance with Italian and international regulations and standards.

Tax dispute, Mediation and Litigation

Assistance with Tax Investigations in Italy

Management of negotiated settlement settlement, litigation and arbitration proceedings,

Advance ruling procedures

International tax arbitration case management

Downsizing and fiscal optimisation for business investors in Italy

Assistance with reducing the Italian taxable presence for international groups, optimising Italian operations to reduce administrative overhead and implementation of necessary actions.

Investment outside Italy

Advice and Assistance with Tax Issues arising on Internationalisation for Italian companies and investors.

Translation, Interpretation and Certification Services





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