Self-employed Start up services

Starting Up a new business in Italy can seem daunting. Apart from the tax and social security issues, there may be permits and consents required. The key to success is getting professional help. We can help with easy English language support.

As far as tax and social security goes the applicable regime will depend in part on what kind of activity you are going to do – there are, for example, special rules for the agricultural sector. Lawyers engineers and accountants have their own social security arrangements. Rental income is not liable to social security contributions. So the system is intricate. What is vital is getting property advice up front – once you are registered under one regime, it is difficult (or expensive ) to change at a later date – so getting proper advice at the outset is vital.

Nationals of certain countries (e.g.EU member states and the U.S.A. may be able to opt to remain within their home country system and claim exepmtion from Italian contributions. Planning your income and estiamitng the taxes and contributions

In broad terms msot people will be choosing between one of the following options:

 Choice of Trading Vehicle

  • Professional/professionista
  • Sole trader/Impresa Individuale
  • Agent/Agente di commercio or procacciatore d’affare
  • S.n.c./S.a.S – partnership (the latter with limited liability)
  • Srl/Srls – limited liability company
  • Non Italian company (for non residents)

Applicable Tax Regimes

  • Flat Rate Tax Regime  – regime forfettaria
  • 50% exemption for new arrivale in Italy
  • Spouse/Partner teams – tax optimisation via spreading income and reducing social security burden suing partnerships
  • Taking advantage of special regimes for innovative start ups

2 hours remote consulting
Euro 208 + VAT

Click here to sign up for a two hour consulting session by telephone, skype, whatsapp, zoom or your favourite messenger


Get Your VAT number

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Flat Rate Tax Regime VAT + Full accounts/tax compliance service for 1 year Euro 624 +VAT

We will get your VAT and register you for tax and social security. We will provide an invoice template and handle all your tax and social security filings


Company Set UP
Euro 2,800 + VAT

Let us help you set up an Srls (limited liability company)

What they say about us

Life has never been the same since

I am so glad I contacted Colin and his team before getting registered. The local commercialista said that I should be registered as "commerciante" meaning I would have been paying over Euro 3,000 of sociál security contributions even before I started earning any money. Colin sorted this out and made sure I started on the right regime.
John R.
Web Designer