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Tax Return 2024 for FY 2023 Landing Page

Please complete the enclosed form to enable us to gather information to complete your 2023 Italian tax return on your FY 2022 income and assets.

Under Italian law all individuals are required to present a return unless exempt. So even if you are married, or in a civil union, each spouse/partner needs to complete a form.   We will contact you,  if necessary, to check the relevant share of ownership of particular income or assets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. if you have any doubts about the form or questions, please let us know- we can discuss and, if necessary you can send us supporting documents separately by e-mail or by secure file upload here.

Collecting information for your FY 2024 Italian tax return

Please use this form if you would like us to prepare your 2024 Italian tax return on your behalf. This return will show income received in the year to 31 December 2023 and, where applicable, reportable non Italian assets owned in the course of the year 

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Documents Supporting a claim for a foreign tax credit are:

  • a copy of the foreign tax return for the relevant period;
  • a copy of the foreign income tax calculation and tax due, if this is separate from the tax return;
  • a copy of evidence of payment of the tax showing the date and amount paid. 

Under Italian tax rules it is possible to claim credit for foreign tax paid on income reported on the tax return.

In other words the foreign tax can, in some cases, be used to reduce the Italian tax due, subject to a number of rules.

  • A tax credit is not available for income subject to substitute or flat rate tax. This applies to dividend income (somewhat controversially as the Supreme Court has ordered that a tax credit is available, notwithstanding the Tax Agency stance that no credit is available), certain gains, and to pension/earned income where the recipient is on a flat tax regime;
  • The tax credit cannot exceed the tax due on the particular source of income - that means that if the foreign rate of tax is higher than the Italian rate, the excess cannot be used to reduce tax on other income;
  • You need to be able to provide that the tax was paid by reference to a receipt issued by the foreign tax authority. If you do not have this it may be possible to prove payment by way of a bank statement or certification by a foreign tax professional;
  • You need to be able to demonstrate that no right of refund of the foreign tax exists - i.e. that you have not overpaid tax abroad or where a double tax treaty provides exemption in the foreign country for the particular income source.

We are experiencing almost routine audits from the Tax Agency  where a foreign  tax credit has been claimed,  checking the above rules have been complied with and requesting evidence of the tax paid. Supporting documents need to be in place at the time of filing the return.

You can see a list of the most usual expenditure that qualifies for a tax deduction or a tax credit here

By clicking on the submit field you authorise us to deal with your personal data shown on this form and the attachments in accordance with the firm's data protection/privacy policy which can be viewed here.
All information and documents received will be treated as entirely confidential and not released to any third party apart from the authorities in so far as is necessary to comply with your Italian tax obligations.

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