Ella Connolly

We are pleased to announce that our trainee solicitor, Ella Connolly, has successfully completed her training contract and is now a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. Ella has an LLB in law with Hispanic Studies from Queen’s University Belfast, graduating in […]

Tax relief for Building Renovation Works

What is it? Tax Credit for renovation/refurbishment work This consisted originally of a tax deduction – a reduction in computing personal income tax (IRPEF) of 36% (ie. a tax credit) of the expenses incurred, up to a total amount not exceeding Euro 48,000 per property […]

Table of Main Registration Taxes in Italy

This is a (very) simplified table of the registration taxes due on certain documents.  The tax office will apply the tax according to the substance of the effect that the document has, not the form.  

Italian Social Security Rates (INPS Gestione Separata) 2020

The Italian national social security institute has issued an update to the rates, maximum and minimum thresholds,  instructions for the sharing of social security burden applicable to the self-employed for 2020 in circular no. 12 of 3 February. “Collaborators” (ie. those with co.co.pro and co.co.co […]

Short Term Rentals – Italian Government proposes new restrictions

Italy’s centre left administration proposes to introduces limitations for those who rent rooms, holiday homes or apartments for short periods An amendment to the “Milleproroghe Decree” (one thousand extensions), presented by the “Democratic Party” to the Italian Chamber of Deputies, proposes a squeeze for those […]

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